3D Printed Track Maps

Dustin Sterkenburg · May 20, 2022

Creating and 3D Printing Track Maps


I wanted to create wall art of race tracks that I have driven or attended during live events. Some can be found from a quick search on https://www.yeggi.com/ but others need to be created.

Since a local track was not available, I needed a way to outline the map, crate an .svg and import that into Ultimaker Cura for 3D printing.

If you do not have a 3D printer, I highly recommend the Ender3. You can find them on sale for under $200.

  • First find the track online using Open Street Maps. Here is an example of NJMP.
  • Next click the share icon and export a SVG file that can be used in a vector editor like Inkscape.
  • Open the SVG file and either trace the track or select it with the clip tool and create a clean SVG file with just the track outline.
  • Convert the clean SVG file to an STL by using an online tool such as this.
  • Finally import the STL into your 3D printing tool such as UltimakerCura.
  • Once printed, I mounted the tracks on the wall using some 3M mounting putty such as this.


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