Radio Scanners and Programming for the Indy 500

Dustin Sterkenburg · May 22, 2022

Radio fun with Motorsports!


In preparation for the upcoming Indy 500, I decided to program my BAOFENG UV-82 with the driver frequencies posted at the Indy Motorspeedway Site.

There are many ways to program these cheap yet powerful radios, but I have found that Chirp is a great tool!

After looking a bit further I also found a fellow radio enthusiast has created a preset CSV file you can use without any work for the upcoming 2022 race. Download

Do not forget ear protection and also a converter cable which allows a standard 3.5mm plug with your radio:

  • Honeywell Sync Stereo MP3 Earmuff
  • Audio Jack Adapter Cable (this adapter only plays audio through one of the headphones ears - mono sound). You can also pull the plug out of the radio a few millimeters and it give you stereo sound, but its a bit janky for me. I am opting for the setup below.
  • Stereo Adapter and Microphone cord. This setup should allow for stereo sound in the headphones and the ability to transmit since there is also a PTT button and inline microphone in the cord/cable.

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