Baytech RPC3 Remote Power Controller – Serial Connection Issues

Dustin Sterkenburg · December 31, 2014

I purchased a Baytech RPC-3 Remote Power Controller from ebay and needed to set the IP information.  After reading the article from Altered Realms ( I was still having trouble connecting to the serial port.  After some studying of the user manual ( I realized that you need a “Rollover” RJ45 cable.  This is NOT a standard cross-over cable but luckily can be easily made by cutting a standard patch cable and twisting the following pairs together (1-8,2-7,3-6,4-5,5-4,6-3,7-2,8-1):

  • Light Orange / Brown
  • Orange / Light Brown
  • Light-Green / Green
  • Blue / Light-Blue
  • Light-Blue / Blue
  • Green / Light-Green
  • Light-Brown / Orange
  • Brown / Light-Orange

Once I hooked this up with the Female DB9 (9FRJ45PC-1) as per the image below…we were good to go.

The final connection should look like this:

[Baytech RJ45 management port\] -> \[Rollover RJ45 cable\] -> \[9FRJ45PC-1\] -> \[Serial port on PC (or USB to Serial Adapter)\]

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