Troubles with FreeNAS and a ServeRAID M1015 cross flashed with LSI9211-8i in IT mode

Dustin Sterkenburg · December 19, 2014

For anyone looking to build a NAS device I highly recommend FreeNAS.  It has a variety of options but I was most interested in NFS/iSCSI for my Vmware ESXi lab.

I built a white box FreeNAS server and was having some troubles with my new M1015 SAS card.  I flashed it according to this post and I verified the firmware was correct (P16 as of the newest release).

For whatever reason the card would not recognize my drives that I had attached.  After an hour of troubleshooting I realized that there is a difference in breakout cables.  There are two types; reverse and forward cables.  You must purchase forward cables otherwise your drives will never be detected!  You can find a link to the correct cables below:



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