Painting IKEA Furniture

Dustin Sterkenburg · February 20, 2017

We recently purchased a few dressers from IKEA furniture, but unfortunately they did not carry any grey colors by default.  We figured it would be a fun project to paint the colors they did have, specifically “White Stain”.   We purchased the White Stain version thinking that with the exposed wood, paint would stick easily without any primer.  After painting all four pieces and letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I returned to find that the paint would peel off with the touch of a fingernail!  Ugh….this was a major mistake…

After scraping all of the paint off of the furniture painstakingly by hand, it was off to Amazon to find a primer that would fix this mess.  I found the following and it worked great:

After letting the primer dry for 24 hours, I tested another patch of the grey paint, and it stuck like magic!

Lesson learned, always test a section of paint before completing the entire piece, let alone four!

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